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A popular kid’s toy for many years has been the Easy Bake Oven, it’s therefore not surprising that flash cooking games would be so popular. These games come in a variety of styles which allow you to have hours of fun playing online.

On sites such as you will find a robust selection of cooking games including food serving games, recipe cooking games, customization and decoration food games and management games. In the food serving games your objective is to work at a restaurant and meet the demands of your customers who will request food and drink. You will have to play fast to keep up with and get through each level of these fun but challenging games.

Recipe cooking games are often step by step guides for how to prepare food presented in a fun and creative flash game format. In these games you will be tasked with preparing and then adding various ingredients to create delicious looking cakes, cookies, BBQ, soups, and more. Another aspect of recipe games is decorating the food, for example you would put custom icing, sprinkles and candles on a cake decorating game. Management games are not restricted as only games for girls or cooking games but can also be for a male audience. Cooking management games are usually where you have a restaurant and customers to attend to as well as cooking and preparing the food which will be served to those customers. It can be a lot to keep track of but is a very fun and involved style of cooking game.

The nice thing about making the food in these free cooking games is that there is no clean up when you’re done. After a cooking games is complete you can review your creation and then simply move on to the next fun game. Since there are so many games to play kids are kept entertained for hours. In addition to the existing library of cooking games there are new games added almost every day to high quality gaming portals such as so visitors keep coming back for more and with good reason!

Cooking Games - An online flash arcade full of cooking games for kids

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