Dinosaurgame.io, the best Dinosaur game multiplayer has finally arrived


It was a rainy day back in 2016; my network was suddenly down when I was in the middle of web suffering session, using Google Chrome. I was bored because there was no internet connection for around 30 minutes and suddenly I realized that there was a small cute dinosaur appeared on my browser. Then, I tried to tab on my Spacebar due to curious and suddenly it moved! By that moment, I realized that there was an Easter egg that Google gave to us, a mini-game to play while our machine going Offline!

After that time, I couldn’t stop playing that game every day because of the excitement it brought to me. Unfortunately, the only way to play it is that I have to Disconnect your network connection (to be Offline), which is quite a bit inconvenience. And I have no friend to compete with me because there is no Online mode.

Today, that pain has completely gone because I have found another Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) version of this game, it is called “Dinosaur Game Multiplayer”. With Dinosaurgame.io, playing Online has never been so easy than ever. Let me show you how!

best Dinosaur game

With Dinosaur in io version, you will play with other online players


To play Dinosaurgame.io, you will need to go to this website: https://dinosaurgame.io, type in your name and then just simply click on “Play” or “Play with Friend” buttons. As I have tested, the difference between these two buttons is that:

  • With “Play”, I will start the game and compete with players from all over the world. My score will be listed on the Scoreboard together with my position, which will give me a motivation to reach higher on the Scoreboard.
  • With “Play with Friend”, a message will pop up and gives me a link so I could share with friends. Once they’ve clicked on that link, my friends and I will go to a private room to play with each other without being interrupted by strangers (other gamers).

Controls and Movements:

Once you’ve settled your in-game nickname, and then just start the game by pressing Spacebar or the Up arrow key from your keyboard. The control mechanisms of this game are very simple; all I have to do is Jump, Jump and Jump. Along the way, I face a lot of obstacles such as Cactuses and Ducks (only appear after I’ve reached 450 points and above). Remember, the main mission is to keep our cute little dinosaur away from them and reach as further as we could.

best Dinosaur game 2

Hold the jump key to jump higher and bend to dodge these ducks

Graphics and Sounds:

  • The Dinosaurgame.io game is pure 2D graphics in black & white colors, all characters are based on the original game from Google, very cute and suitable for all ages.
  • The Dinosaurgame.io game has no sound, I wish if it could have, then this will be the best free unblocked game ever.

Final Recommendation:

Dinosaurgame.io is definitely a better version of its predecessor from Google Chrome. With the Online features (Multiplayer and Friend mode), gamers around the world now will have a chance to compete with each other, it brings the world closer together than ever!