Far Cry 5 Game Guide

Published by Ubisoft on March 27th 2018 for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One platforms; Far Cry 5 is the fifth main title in the Far Cry series that any FPS fan must have for their game collection. This game will bring you to Hope County, Montana where there is a land of freedom and braveness. This is also a territory of an armed terrorist group called Eden’s Gate. Your mission is to stand up and fight against leader Joseph Seed and his group for freedom.

Our Far Cry 5 Game Guide today will provide to you a full set of information that will help you to understand everything from gameplay to all missions in order to complete the game. We will divide this article into many big sections for you to easier to read through.

Tips for new Starters:

Our first section will contain all tips where you can find many details of information and also solutions for problems that you may face during your game. The list below contains information about weapons and equipment, how to perform crafting, what is the best way to hunt wild animals, leveling up characters, etc. Here are few main links for your quick access:

We believe with our tips; you will learn about the gameplay mechanism as well as to solve problems effectively during your first few hours playing with Far Cry 5.

Walkthrough for Far Cry 5:

Our Far Cry 5 Game Guide could not be completed without mentioning about the complete walkthrough. In here, we have broken the complete walkthrough into many parts based on in-game regions. There are 03 main areas in Far Cry 5; each of the main area has main missions together with side missions. There will be high-quality maps included with enemy outposts, properties that can be captured. With this walkthrough, it will be easier for you to enjoy this game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Last but not the least, we have the FAQ section where you can find all kind of valuable information, for example: how to get money as fast as possible, how to acquire high quality weapons and vehicles, how to unlock skill points in an effective way, how to increase your inventory size, etc.

Another important part is the achievement guide where players could find a full list of Far Cry 5 achievements in order to complete the game with 100% and how to get them faster. Here is the list of few FAQs as an example:


Inside the Controls part will split into 2 small parts for PS4 Controller and Xbox One Controller. And System requirements part is especially dedicated for PC only, for PC gamers to know how high of Graphics that their machine could adjust to.

Verdict/ Summary:

Far Cry 5 is a wide-open wild world with all the important ingredients to make it become one of the most successful titles of the series: tons of new enemies and also allies, extraordinary wildlife, and plenty of explosions. With our Far Cry 5 Game Guide, we hope our article will help you a lot in the battle with Eden’s Gate enemies and also to complete this game with 100% achievement.