God of War Guides

Brought to you by Santa Monica Studio, God of War (2018) is the 4th part of the franchise. Unlike other previous parts, this time we will know more about Kratos’s life (and his son) after his vengeance against the Gods of Olympus. The storyline of God of War (2018) is based on Norse mythology where there is an unforgiving world where Kratos must fight for his life to survive and also teach his son to do the same thing.

In our review today, we’re proudly present to you our guide for God of War (PS4) that contains all the important information which could assist you to complete this game 100%, in order to get Platinum trophy also. Let’s dive in and explore!

Beware: some of our guides might contains minor to major spoilers, if you haven’t played God of War (PS4) yet and don’t want to be spoiled, do not proceed any further from here.

Tips for new Players:

If you are new player, then it is important to learn about the basic controls and movements. Also, it is essential to know how to upgrade (level up) both Kratos and Atreus abilities as well as understanding the description of the shop of dwarves. There is also much information about general tips that will help you a lot during your adventure through this God of War guides.

Here are some of the topics:

  • General tips for new Players.
  • How to level up Kratos and Atreus stats?
  • Basic Controls and Movements.


Our walkthrough contains a very much details with various images for reference purposes while playing God of War following the Main storyline. There are 17 complex missions in total during your journey with Kratos and his son; you will travel through many realms such as: Helheim, Midgard, Alfheim. Here is the list of all main quests that you will face in game:

  • All quests (main & side) and missions.
  • A Realm Beyond Quest
  • A New Destination Quest
  • Mother’s Ashes
  • The Journey Home

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

In these sections, we will show you all the FAQ together with answers that related to God of War (PS4). From “How to solve secrets, get access to new weapons” to “How to complete the game 100%, upgrade your character to maximum level” and many more. Here are few examples:

  • How do I unlock all realms?
  • You start in Midgard and then you go to Alfheim, Helheim and finally to Jotunheim. If you need to craft your best armors, then you cannot miss Muspelheim and Nilfheim.
  • How many abilities will we have in game? And which one is the best?
  • Best Leviathan skills, Guardian Shield and secret weapon skills.
  • How to defeat the Ancients?
  • The Ancients are tough enemies in God of War (PS4). Here is our tactics for your reference.

Other Side Quests and Challenges:

Alongside with main quests that we have mentioned above, there are even more side quests and challenges that awaiting for you. In this section, we will let you know how to find hidden bosses in God of War (PS4), how to retrieve all treasure maps, solve all secrets of the two hidden Realms: Niflheim and Muspelheim. Here are few examples:

Treasure Maps – If you’re looking for treasures, take a look at this chapter.

Niflheim – One of the two hidden realms in God of War –read this chapter for all secrets and how to complete them.

Valkyries – the big, bad and hardest bosses in God of War (PS4).

God of War – Secrets and collectibles

This chapter contains all basic information about Secrets and Collectibles in game. With this guide, you could easily solve all of them from Legendary Chests, Lore Markersto Odin’s Ravens, etc.

Labours – Special challenges

Labours are side missions and in order to complete these missions, you will have to defeat a certain number of enemies. Our guide today will provide descriptions of all Labours and with this; you will be able to solve them all by just a blink of an eye!

Summary/ Verdict:

This time, the journey in game will take longer than the previous parts of the series, only the gameplay itself might takes 20-25 hour, other secrets and missions are not included. During the journey with Kratos and his son, you will visit several worlds: Midgard, Alfheim, Helheim and Jotunheim. With our God of War guides, we believe that you won’t miss any single mission or side quests along the way and will complete the game with 100% as fast as possible.