Subnautica console commands: detailed guide and the full list of commands

Subnautica is really an excellent adventure and survival game about the theme of the depths of vast oceans. In this game, you will be set in the role of a lone spaceship crash survivor. Here, you must adapt and survive in the underwater environment where filled dangerous creatures and lacking everything. So, Subnautica console commands are a great tool that can help you enjoy your game and overcome challenges easier.

subnautica console commands

Since you’re here, we’ll guide you all about these commands as well as offering you a full list of Subnautica console commands. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran alike of this game, the guide below will help you much.

Warning when using Subnautica Console Commands

Before coming up with detailed instructions, I want to tell a bit about these console command and their effects as well as bring out some notes for players.


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In fact, console commands are the tools allowing players to optimize their experience outside the normal scope of the game. They can be used for debugging purposes, solving challenging missions, or making the game become more enjoyable.

However, when using these commands, you need to know that:

  • Firstly, you need to SAVE your game before using commands.
  • Secondly, using these commands will disable Achievements of this game for that session.
  • Thirdly, using these console commands might impair your experience.

If you still want to use console commands of this game, GO!

How to active the game’s console commands?

The console is an optional feature and it is disabled by default. So, in order to use console commands, you need to activate it by pressing the button F3. Once you’ve done, there is a checkbox ticked appearing in the top left and saying “Disable Console”. Now, you need to press F8 to get a mouse cursor and uncheck the box to activate the console.

When the console is enabled, depending on the keyboard, you’ll need to press Enter, ~, Ø or Ö. After that, type the command you need to finish. And when restarting the game, you’ll need to press the overlay keys first before pressing the console key.

subnautica console commands 2


You should close all overlays before typing a command. The reason is that when entering a number, it can change the game settings on some overlays.

Besides that, some commands do not work when players are inside the Seamonth (you’ll see this situation with biome commands).

Full list of Subnautica console commands

Teleportation commands

These console commands will help you travel fast to anywhere you want on the map. And for each type of area that you want to go, you need to type a different console command. In detail:

If you want to teleport to the coordinates of your choice, you need to type the command: warp [x] [y] [z] in which x is the longitude, y is the depth, and z is the latitude.

If you want to move forward by many meters you desire, let’s use the command warpforward [#].

batch [x] [y] [z]: This command can warp you to the center of a batch of your choices.

warpme: This command is very good for getting unstuck because can teleport you to the Cyclops, a Seabase, or Lifepod 5. The exact location depends on your last entered

spawn: If you need a command that is good for getting un-stuck, this command is the right choice. It can respawn you a small distance away.

randomstart: The effect of this commands is to teleport players into Lifepod 5 and respawns this lifepod at a random location of its initial spawn point.

kill: This command is so useful because it can respawn players instantly inside the lifepod. A small tip for you is that do not use it on the Hardcore mode.

Commands to teleport to a specific Biome

In case you want to teleport to a specific Biome location, use the command: biome [NAME]

The name that you type in this command is the shorten type of the real biome name.

For example: If you need to teleport to the Safe Shallows, type the command “biome safe

The name of each biome is below, let’s check!

  • safe (Safe Shallows)
  • kelp (Kelp Forest)
  • kelp_cave (Kelp Forest Caves)
  • grassy (Grassy Plateaus)
  • grassy_cave (Grassy Plateau Caves)
  • mushroom (Mushroom Forest)
  • koosh (Bulb Zone)
  • koosh_cave (Bulb Zone Caves)
  • jellyshroom (Jellyshroom Caves)
  • sparsereef (Sparse Reef)
  • grandreef (Grand Reef)
  • dunes
  • mountains
  • moutains_cave (Mountain Range Caves)
  • deepgrand (Deep Grand Reef)
  • bloodkelp (Blood Kelp Zone)
  • underislands (Underwater Islands)
  • smokers (Grand Reef thermal vents)
  • inactivelavart (Inactive Lava Zone)
  • islands (Floater Islands)
  • tree (Large mushroom tree)
  • lostriver (Lost River)
  • lavazone (Active Lava Zone / Lava Lakes)

Commands to teleport to a specific location

If you want to teleport to a specific location, let’s use the command: goto [NAME]

For example: If you want to teleport to Aurora, let’s type the command “goto aurora” and you will be moved to this location.

List names of specific locations that this command allows is below, let’s check!

  • Aurora:
  • genroom (teleport you to Aurora’s generator room.)
  • cargoroom (Teleports you to Aurora’s cargo room)
  • exoroom (Teleports you to the Aurora’s exosuit room)
  • Degasi Bases
  • base1 (Teleport to the Degasiseabase on the Floating Island.)
  • base1a or base1b (Teleports you to Seabases on the Floating Island.)
  • base2 (Teleports you to the abandoned Seabase in the Jellyshroom Cave.)
  • base3 (This command teleport you to the abandoned Seabase in the Deep Grand Reef)
  • Wrecks
  • wreck1
  • wreck2
  • wreck3
  • wreck4
  • wreck5
  • wreck6
  • wreck7
  • wreck8
  • wreck9
  • wreck10
  • wreck11
  • wreck12
  • wreck13
  • wreck14
  • wreck15
  • wreck16
  • wreck17
  • wreck18
  • wreck19
  • wreck20
  • Alien Bases
  • gun (Quarantine Enforcement Platform)
  • gun_inside
  • gunmoonpool
  • gun_Elevator_Enter
  • gun_Elevator_Exit
  • mountainteleporter
  • prison
  • aquarium(The containment for the sea emperor)
  • antechamber
  • lostriverbase[This one might spawn you in a wall. Just swim out, they’re only solid on the textured side.
  • lavacastlebase (Thermal Plant)
  • lavacastlebaseinside
  • Alien Arches
  • mountainteleporter
  • mushroomforestteleporter
  • lostriverteleporter
  • cragfieldteleporter
  • Escape Pods
  • escapepod21 (Lifepod 17)
  • escapepod22 (Lifepod 5)
  • escapepod23 (Lifepod 7)
  • escapepod24 (Lifepod 13)
  • escapepod25 (Lifepod 6)
  • escapepod26 (Lifepod 12)
  • escapepod27 (Lifepod 4)
  • escapepod28 (Lifepod 3)
  • escapepod29 (Lifepod 2)
  • escapepod30 (Lifepod 19)
  • Scatters (Random piles of Aurora debris)
  • scatter31
  • scatter32
  • scatter33
  • scatter34
  • scatter35
  • scatter36
  • scatter37
  • scatter38
  • scatter39
  • scatter40
  • scatter41
  • scatter42
  • Juvenile Sea Emperors
  • juvenileemperor1 (Northern Blood Kelp Zone)
  • juvenileemperor2 (Crag Field)
  • juvenileemperor3 (Mountains)
  • juvenileemperor4 (Dunes)
  • juvenileemperor5 (Grand Reef)

Technical commands

The commands in this section will help you change your currently game mode to another one. Besides that, there are several commands that can help you solve all specific in-game graphical and technical settings. You can use them to increase/decrease FPS or move the camera freely.

Freedom: Use this command if you want to change to the freedom mode

Survival: If you want to change to a hunger and thirst meters’ mode, let’s use this command.

Creative: This is the full sandbox mode.

Hardcore: In this mode, the game will end if players die.

day: Use this command to set time to day.

night: This command uses to set time to night.

daynightspeed [#]: If you need to change the speed of the day and night cycle, this command is a great choice. The default setting is 1. If you change it to 2, 3, etc, the day/night cycle will faster twice, 3x, etc. If you change it to 0,1, the speed of day/night cycle will 10x slower.

cinematics: This command equips toggles animation for you.

debugsound: This command uses to toggle sound.

entreset: This command uses to reload all assets of the game.

gamereset: Help resetting the game that still remains your inventory and position as same as the last saved.

farplane [#]: This command can change your viewing distance.

fog: Toggles in-game fog.

gov [#]: Toggles camera zoom.

freecam: This command allows you to leave your character freely and roam the terrain. In order to go back to your character, just use this command again.

fps: Shows FPS.

nobloom: This command uses to remove bloom. When the game restarts, you need to re-apply this command to use it.

noshadows: This command can remove shadows.

printbiome: This command shows on screen the biome that you are currently in.

sizeref: You can use this command to spawn the “Wasabi One” diver. It is useful to refer to the size.

speed [#]: This command uses to set the game speed faster or slower. The default setting is 1. If you want the game speed’s faster, set the number bigger than 1 and opposite.

target: Toggles target debug.

schoolfishai: This command helps you to toggle the AI of a Shoal of Fish.

vsync: Toggles VSync.

vr: This command allows you to select the available VR options. They include None, Stereo, Split, Oculus, and Morpheus.

Spawning items commands

item [item] [number]: This command uses to add some number of an item in your inventory. A note for you that if the name of your needed item is two words, let’s write it as one. For example: item copperwire 10

spawn [item] [number]: This command uses to spawn item or creature in front of you.

Clearinventory: If you want to delete everything in your inventory, let’s use this command.

Sub cyclops: This command uses to spawn the Cyclops.

sub aurora: If you want to spawn the Aurora, this command is useful.

seaglide: Use it for spawning a seaglide.

vehicleupgrades: Use this command to have all common vehicle modules.

seamothupgrades: If you need seamoth modules, this mode will help you have all.

exosuitupgrades: Use it to have all Prawn Suit modules.

exosuitarms: Gives you all Prawn Suit arms.

spawnloot: This command helps you to spawn quartz, copper ore, magnesium, salt deposit, gold, and four metal salvage.

madloot: If you need glass, titanium, computer chips, batteries, a survival knife, a habitat builder, and a scanner, let’s use this command.

resourcesfor [item]: This command uses for crafting items. If you need any item to craft something, let’s use it.

ency [name]: It helps you to unlock a databank entry. In case you want to unlock all, let’s type “ency all”

unlock [blueprint]: This command is used to unlock a blueprint. In case you want to unlock all blueprints, let’s type “unlockall”.

Cheats and modifications

bobthebuilder: This command helps you to add to your inventory some interesting things. They include a habitat builder, a survival knife, a scanner, and repair tool. Besides that, it also enables fastbuild, unlockall, nocost, fastgrow, fasthatch, and radiation.

fastgrow: This command helps the plant grow at an amazing speed.

nocost: This is a brilliant command when allowing you to use unlimited all fabricator, habitat builder, vehicle bay, etc. No matter you have the needed resources or not, it’s just the flying cloud with this command.

noenergy: Use this command to turn the power usage for your vehicles, tools, and seabases on or off.

nosurvival: This command is used to disable the requirements of food and water.

oxygen: Unlimited oxygen.

nitrogen: This command helps you increase the time underwater. However, it raises the potential for decompression sickness.

invisible: This command can help you be invisible and avoid the attack of dangerous creatures.

fastbuild: You should use this command when needing to build modules with the habitat builder fast.

fasthatch: This command makes eggs hatch quickly.

fastscan: If you want to reduce the scanning time, this command is for you.

filterfast: It uses for reducing the water filtering time.

radiation: Disables radiation.

fixleaks: This command uses to seal Aurora’s radiation leaks.

unlockdoors: This command can help you reduce lots of time because it is able to unlock all doors. Remind you that the door that needs to be opened with a laser cutter doesn’t work with this command.

cure [range]: If you want to cure Kharaa for both you and all other creatures within the specified range, this command is the best choice.

infect [range]: This command is opposite to cure [range]. You use it to infect Kharaa to all other creatures in a certain range.

countdownship: This command uses to initiate the Aurora countdown timer.

explodeship: Use it to blows up the Aurora.

restoreship: This command is opposite toe explodeship.

startsunbeamstoryevent: Starts the Sunbeam story event.

sunbeamcountdownstart: This command is used to start the Sunbeam countdown.

precursorgunaim: Bye, Sunbeam.

forcerocketready: Use this command to launch the escape rocket without needing to disable the quarantine enforcement platform.