Top 6 best flying games for Xbox One and PS4

Flap your wings or pilot your airplane in unparalleled heights to explore a massive but mystery sky or galaxy really bring anyone of us lots of excited emotion, right? It also the reason why flying games so attract the gamers. For people who love flying games and own one of two most modern dedicated gaming equipment – PS4 and Xbox One, in this article, we introduce to you top 6 the best flying games for Xbox one and ps4. Let’s continue reading to find out which games are they!

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Best ps4 flying games


Dreadnought - best ps4 flying games

When mentioning the best ps4 flying games, a remarkable game that we can’t ignore is Dreadnought – a great combat flight simulation game that is so smooth and enjoyable when being played on PS4. It offers the players with a massive space environment and allows them to play the role of a huge spacecraft’s captain. There are total five classes of ship and up to fifty unique spaceships for the players to choose from, each of them has its own strength and weakness in different categories such as speed and size. In addition, all of them are equipped with various modern weapons to get ready to participate in lots of epic aerial battles. A special point is that this game also allows the players to customize and decorate their own ship, which makes the elements of strategy increase in this game more and makes it become more attractive. So, if you want to enjoy the flying game on PS4 device, Dreadnought is the best choice for you!

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers - best ps4 flying games

In addition to Dreadnought, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is also one of the best flying games to play on PS4. This game is a so cool combat flight simulator video game that is set in the scene combines with the realism element of World War II’s Pacific theater and a fictitious story. In this game, the players will be allowed to choose their own faction from US Navy and the Japanese Imperial Fleet to jump into the game world. There are tons of challenging and epic missions and all of them let you play the role of a spaceship’s captain and start in an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. There are lots of air battles in this game such as Midway and Wake Island and Pearl Harbor, etc for the players to enjoy. In addition to addictive gameplay, this game is also well-known for its so realism and beautiful visuals and attractive soundtracks. In the case you are looking for flying games, you shouldn’t miss Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers.

Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Air Conflicts: Vietnam - best ps4 flying games

Air Conflicts: Vietnam is also one of the best ps4 flying games when describing quite truly the flight war in Vietnam. In this game, the players must control their helicopter, fighter jet, etc to take down the enemy pilots in order to complete the mission of the game. This game is so cool and has an ESRB rating of Teen for the best ps4 flying game. With realism visuals, lively sound effects, and addictive gameplay, Air Conflicts: Vietnam is really a great game to enjoy. You can buy this game on Amazon, it only costs $19,13.

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Best Xbox One flying game

Bomber Crew

Bomber Crew - best ps4 flying games

The first name in our list of the best xbox one flying game is Bomber Crew. This is a world war 2 strategic bombing sim game where the main mission of the players is to keep their crew alive. This mission is so important that even it is more important than complete the objective because the death is permanent. In detail, in this game, the players need to recruit their crew, prepare their bomber, take to the skies, fly over enemy fighter and many other deadly hazards to reach the target, and finally make the history. This game is so smooth and offers a great flying experience when being played on xbox one, so, if you own this device, bomber crew is really a great flying game for you to enjoy.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut - best ps4 flying games

Another extremely addictive, worthy one of the best flying games for xbox one is Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut. This game is a new version of a so popular game title called as strike suit zero and was released in April 2014 for both xbox one and ps4 devices. This game features overhaul graphics and addictive gameplay revolves around in a stars war that takes place in 2299. In the role of a person who efforts to save the Earth from destruction, you must control Strike Suit, a revolutionary fighter with the ability to transform into a dangerous armor of space armor to participate in lots of monumental galaxy battles. Moreover, in this game, you will be able to immerse yourself in the great fleet battles, where your fighting skills will directly affect the fate of the universe. With epic storyline, so beautiful visuals, and enhanced mechanics, there is no reason to reject an interesting game like Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, right?

Land it!

Land it - best ps4 flying games

Another name in list of best flying games xbox one that can provide you with lots of exciting flying experiences we want to mention today is Land it. There is no combat element and there is also no stars war storyline, but this game is still very addictive because of its detail, beautiful, and color graphics. Moreover, its simple gameplay (just simply land the plane, control the space, and navigate the plane) is also so attractive to the player because it’s so challenging with 27 individual levels and 3 endless levels. This game is very smooth when being played on xbox one, and it just costs $9,99. Very attractive, isn’t it?

Conclusion: Above are six best flying games for ps4 and xbox one. With this article, hope you will have many interesting relaxing moments with these games. Thank you for reading!