XCOM 2 pre order bonus and some other things that you should know

XCOM 2 happens after the 1st game’s unidentified alien raid and the authorities of the Earth’s struggles to prevent it. Two decades later, the human race has drowned to the alien attack, the world’s army is routed and the basic XCOM plan overrun. The creatures from the outer space, who currently call themselves Advent, have taken the operation of the plant’s final rest urban capitals and reformed them in their wants. Out of these sci-fi urban hubs the human race ekes by without clean water, power as well as protection of any types.

xcom 2 pre order bonus

Above is the amusing story of XCOM 2. Is that enough to attract you to the game? If your answer is yes, then take your time read the 4 things you should know about XCOM 2 before entering the game.

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What is XCOM2 pre order bonus?

XCOM 2 pre order bonus is something we all think of several times in a day. These are basic fare at the moment, and XCOM 2 will be no leaving out. 2K has informed that players who invest their bucks up front will be supplied the Resistance Warrior Pack, with added customization selections as well as a new “Survivor of the Old War” employment, all these with no additional charge. It also reveals a season ticket that will put more three themed DLC packages to the XCOM 2 is also valid now. Plus, there is a new teaser, too.

xcom 2 ini tweaks

XCOM 2 Ini tweaks you will love

All the necessary documents are in the configuration folder inside the game path. Apart of the file that you will be able to realize there, we provide you a fast rundown of the XCOM 2 ini tweaks you will use most:

  • DefaultGameCore.ini A various basic array document. Modify things like how much aim a unit loses when disordered or how much damage you get while catching fire.
  • DefaultGameData_WeaponData.ini Put more ammo to your gun, decrease the damage on the Rifle, grow the radius of Frag Grenade bombs, blah blah blah. Modify values for all the weapons, both ally, and rivals.
  • DefaultGameData_CharacterStats.ini Modify each statistic for each unit in the game. Bring Advent Troopers more injuries, decrease the flexibility of Chrysallids, put additional health to Berserkers, anything you love.

 xcom 2 class builds 1

Heavy Gunner XCOM 2 class builds

Amongst the XCOM 2 class builds, the Heavy Gunner is what you should at least once put an attempt to. The Heavy Gunner allows insane help fire ability, backed up with an incredible amount of bombs. Shredder and Chain Shot mix up to cause havoc upon machinery rivals, at the same time, Holo-Targeting guarantees each follow upshot from the team gets an important precise enhancement. Suppression holds enemy heads down and castrates their aim. Plus, Salvo let you clear up enemy hiding then destroys them with a follow-up shot. Hail of Bullets probably tempts you with it ensured attack opportunity. However, when you get to Major, you should have collected enough Scopes and Perception PCS chips to create the additional precision redundant, when additional explosions are not ever needed.

xcom 2 what to build first

Rupture is the main ability that you ought to have on at least one warrior in your team. Nonetheless, in case that you carry multiple Grenadiers, we highly recommend Saturation Fire on your Gunners class. This build gives up explosively probable for cannon strength. Thus, the skill brings back some AOE abilities and at the same time making good advantages of your high aim to attack multiple rivals together.

Research is XCOM 2 what to build first

Right at the moment you start the game, think of XCOM 2 what to build first, and among them is the research. The main thing to XCOM’s research is learning what you will achieve from every pathway and then enter the shortcuts for the equipment you need to reach the goal. Beginning soon with Modular Weapons, Biotech and Officer Autopsy allows primary weapon enhancements and let the Advanced Warface Center and Proving Grounds valid for the building while also unlocking ways to significant autopsy techniques. Resistance Comms and Radio permit you to begin to organize your worldwide network, essential for getting income and functional each and thus crucial to begin soon. Together with these fresh techniques finish, start Magnetic Weapons as your 1st main plan.

Right after the Magnetic and Gauss plans are finished your damage accomplishes a huge step up. Now it is time for you to begin ignoring the initial harder enemies you will be encountering as we go inside the midgame. Hybrid Materials directs into Plated Armor next. Then as soon as you have done these projects you will possess powerful protective abilities to connect your offensive strength. There are some essential autopsies to keep an eye on while you are in this stage. However, our next main plan is Eleriun which after that authorize us for Powered Armor.