XCOM 2 Specialist Build: A Guide for Beginners

As a helper and serviceableness class, the Specialist is maybe the ablest to combine its tree of skill without affecting its handiness in any specific role.

xcom 2 specialist build

For anyone who cares about XCOM 2 Specialist build, the Specialists symbolic skill is Aid Protocol, a skill that brings extra defense according to the rank of the Gremlin they have set up. It is important that working with Aid Protocol does not stop the Specialist turn, nor does cheating or Medical Protocol. This skill to work with two activities in a turn mean that the Specialist is best located in an opposing spot close the edge of active attack, letting them work with minimal activities moving and instead of handling the battleground with their Gremlin, while still able to supplying fire assistant. Read more in the following item to learn about the Specialist build.

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 Specialist build: Combat Hacker

XCOM 2 Specialist build Combat Hacker contains these skills: Aid Protocol, Combat Protocol, Scanning Protocol, Threat Assessment, Haywire Protocol, Capacitor Discharge, and Guardian. In addition, these specialists should be equipped with Predator or Warden Armor, together with Skulljack and some relevant items.

xcom 2 specialist build 1

The Combat Hacker is an extremely strong helper unit who is able to handle the battlefield with astonishing consequences. Combat plus Haywire Protocol are definite counters to robotic rivals. However, the former is also really handy for knocking down injured enemies in cover. Capacitor Discharge is a huge AOE with appalling damage which can also shock and muddle the identified targets.

Many of the Specialist’s influences come from Aid Protocol being a standalone action skill. Players are able to send their Gremlin to support a group-mate and still get a second activity after that – accepting Threat Assessment to a friend and then keeping on Guardian overwatch themselves in a giant amount of wrapping fire threat for any rival to examine. We ask for Perception, a Scope as well as an Expanded Mag to create the best out of Guardian – more targets and ammo to continue those combo hits.

xcom 2 specialist build 2

In XCOM 2 Specialist Build, a Skulljack together with the Skullmine improve brings added strength to every hack you try, and the additional item slot is yours to work with – a Mimic Beacon has a mighty pick in case that you demand a recommendation. Guerilla Op goals are able to get your up to 20 to your hack point on a nice try, so work with them to increase your Specialist’s technology might as usual as you are able to. It will be beneficial when you are seizing control of the Sectopods at Colonel.

Specialist build: Battle Medic

XCOM 2 Specialist Build Battle Medic exchanges anti-robotics capacity for growing support potentiality. Medical and Revival let you casually cure friends and clear gloomy influences from them such as paranoid. Your viability is grown by Field, and at the same time Threat Assessment plus Guardian keep on some players favored picks for any kind Specialist in comparison to their options. Restoration is the mightiest curing ability enabled.

However, it is one thing that a couple of players stay away since it could single-handedly rescue the day in case that each member of your team is injured or dying. Some players think that that circumstance is uncommon enough that normal cure is able to satisfy. Alternately, Capacitor Discharge means the player’s Medic still a bit useful, and a strong AOE ability to support with multiplex rival killings.

xcom 2 specialist build 3

Similar to Aid Protocol, in XCOM 2 Specialist Build, Medical and Revival Protocol are also standalone activities, permitting you to support a friend and then get a second activity after that. We still demand aim and ammo to upgrade Guardian’s strength. However, a primary variety is we do not need a Skulljack anymore, as not having Haywire Protocol your Specialist for less demand for a steep hack point. A Medkit is common core, leaving other item slots to create with as you see suitable.