Persona 5 Fusion Chart – All You Need to Know are Here

As playing Persona 5, every gamer knows Fusion is one of the earliest skills that they need to be proficient. This skill is the simplest way so that they can fuse the power of their existing Personas into the most powerful ones. And the only way to attain it is to know every type in the Persona 5 Fusion Chart.

So, how many charts are there? How to get them? And so on.

Don’t worry too much, guys!

Since you’re here, we will help you.

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What is Persona 5?

persona 5 fusion chart

As the sixth game in the Persona series, Persona 5 is sure to attract some new fans who have never played the series before. And this role-playing game developed by Atlus’ P-Studio is truly different from any other out there.

Allow us to make ourselves clear, guys!

Persona 5 is described as a fantasy relied on reality which follows a group of troubled high school students including the protagonist (a transfer student at Shujin Academy) and a group of compatriots he meets.

These troubled and disturbed teenagers regularly realize that they are living in a dangerous and toxic word looking like a prison full of injustice, slavery, and oppression. And this world is ruled by twisted and immoral adults.

Although they cannot live with this system, they cannot live without it. Therefore, existing means they’re at risk of being threatened and sentenced to a life of slavery.

To find justice, liberation, and freedom, these teenagers need to live dual lives as Phantom Thieves of Hearts, which is known as a group of Persona Users. By availing an unknown smartphone app and a cat who can transform, they start fantastical adventures to discover mysterious powers, called Persona, which are used to penetrate the hearts of people, reshape and modify them.

The Phantom Thieves recognize that society obliges people to wear masks to prevent their emotional vulnerabilities. Hence, tearing off their protective mask to free their Personas and facing up to their inner selves DO the heroes awake their emotional power. From there, they can use it to help anyone in need.

Finally, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts searches for ways to change their day-to-day world to match their perception, see through the masks, and finish slavery.

What is Persona Fusion?

Before finding about the Persona 5 Fusion Chart, you need to learn how to create Persona Fusion. As outlined above, this is one of the basic skills to help you survive in this game.

persona 5 fusion chart 2

By making a variety of Personas for the protagonist to use, you can exploit a fundamental weakness of the opponents as well as surviving attacks of your own effectively.

Here are a unique set of some stats that each Persona is equipped, including:

  • Strength helps to determine how much physical damage you deal.
  • Magic helps to define how much spell damage you cope.
  • Agility helps to determine how swiftly you make an attack.
  • Endurance helps to identify how much damage you take from your enemies’ attacks.
  • Luck is necessary for selecting your random roles such as enemy misses, critical strike, etc.

Try to view this list to know better!

persona 5 fusion chart 3

Persona 5 features Fusion of two various Persona kinds to create a new one. If you know the Tarot cards, this game mainly depends on 21 different types of Arcana, from Fool to Judgement.

Additionally, these Arcana types relate to the Confidant, enhancing the relationship with them to create an effect on the fusion in the form of increased XP for the Persona.

One more thing that we want to mention is about different options and types of Fusions in Persona 5. Lots of gamers are still confused or don’t know how many they are exactly. Look below to know, guys!

  • Basic/Normal Fusion (Dyad Guillotine) – This is one of the simplest forms of Person Fusion because you only select two Personas and create a far stronger one.
  • Advanced Fusion (Group Guillotine) – At this time, you can avail three or more Personas to create a single result. Although you don’t use this frequently, try at least one since this form is mainly for creating powerful high-level Personas.
  • Fuse by Result (Guillotine Search) – This option allows you to view all the Personas you can form from your currently equipped Personas. It’s best to avail this option whenever you begin to fill up on Personas to clean space in the inventory. And this ensures you’re receiving new and helpful Persona out of the process at once.
  • Network Fusion (public execution) – You are permitted to choose one Persona and let it change into another one randomly. But, remember that this needs an online connection and can only be availed once per day

Learn more about Persona 5: Personal 5 Strength Confidant

Some FAQs about Persona Fusion in Persona 5

When to use Personas Fusion?

Whenever your inventory of Personas begins to the full up, merely head to the velvet room and avail Persona Fusion. As you successfully have new Personas during the battle, you will get the option to release your old one if the inventory is full.

However, it’s a waste.

Personas acquire through Fusion are far stronger than those seized in the wild. For one thing, they might receive XP relied on your similar confidant levels and often level up instantly after fusing.

How to fuse Personas?

Remember to start with the third option “Fuse by Result” so that you can sort the possible results by level. This guarantees you’re always creating the most powerful possible Personas while not running out of time to short through Fusions that have a high level.

Let’s press “Fuse by Result” and use L1 or R1 to tab over to the “sort by level” page. Start scrolling down to Persona results that are under or at your current level later. Next, start and work your way down until there are no more results for you to create or you’ve experienced all the useless Personas you don’t mind removing.

Tips to get an overpowered Personas

  • Select a target Persona that comes with a lot of natural immunities and can be created from fusing three or more Personas. Black Frost, Yoshitsune, and Kohyru are good examples.
  • Search for other Personas with passive-skill based immunities that are inheritable and can cover any gaps. For instance, Black Frost cannot resist Electric damage; however, Mot’s Repel Electric or Barong’s Null Electric might patch the hole.
  • Whenever getting the raw ingredients, you should avail an Advanced Fusion to craft your masterpiece.
  • Fuse the Personas you’re going to select as ingredients. For example, if you want to pass Absorb Electric from Barong to the Black Forest, you need to fuse Barong with Asterius to make Yatagarsu with the inherited skill. Then fuse Yatagarasu with Seth to create King Frost.
  • Depending on different factors like the arcana rank, level, and the exact route, you need to realize your creation is either great on defense or lacking in attack. From there, you can spend times in the lower reaches of Mementos on a rainy day. And then pick up a handful of Skill Cards that you can use to round things out.

persona 5 fusion chart 4

Persona 5 Fusion Chart and what you should know

From the list above, only using the Basic Fusions is not easy because there are many different possibilities. About 90%+ of the Personas in the game might be fused via a normal fusion.

At this time, please note that there are two critical things that you have to deal with including the arcana and levels.

As for fusing, Personas will be treated as their base level. That means the lowest level you can achieve. For the level of the Persona you make, its level will be about the average of the two levels used to make it. Hence, in most cases, the levels 4 and 6 might create something around a level 5.

How about the arcana?

It becomes a bit trickier; however, you can control it with ease. Each couple of arcana either creates a particular arcana or does not make anything. For example, a Fool + Lovers = Chariot, but a Fool + Death will create nothing. Below is the Persona 5 Fusion Chart that you shouldfollow to determine the particular requirements of a Persona.

persona 5 fusion chart 4

or this one

persona 5 fusion chart 5

From there, everything will be easier to predict what Persona you’d make. This is also useful for when you’re trying to fulfill your Compendium or when you want a specific arcana Persona for a given Confidant.

For instance, a level 11 Apsaras (Priestess) and a level 20 Yaksini (Empress) might have an average level of around 16. In case you fuse them, their two arcana would create an Emperor. Meanwhile, the closed level Emperor at that level will be Eligor, who occurs to be at level 16 at its base level.

Final thoughts

With the detailed Person 5 Fusion Chart above, you now know how to make new Personas by finding the right arcana, right? Although you might be in trouble in memorizing all 21 different types at first, the more you play, the more you can remember.

No time for waiting! Start the game and do new things, guys! Have fun!