Best 3D Games

If you are looking for the Best 3D Games for your collection, then our review is just the right one for you. We have picked up 06 best games with many positive feedbacks among gamers and criticisms from all over the internet.

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From strategy and action to puzzlers and RPGs,even from PC to console and other platforms, we got you covered! Let’s take a look our very Best 3D Games list below and let us know your thought

1. A Hat in Time:

A Hat in Time is a cute and colorful 3D games that was developed for multiple platforms including: Windows, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. The game offers a variety of collectibles (items) to find and retrieve on every level, some of items required your patient to collect than the rest.A Hat in Time contains many charming worlds with delightful details and hidden secrets that would take your breath away while enjoy playing this game.

In this game, you will begin with a young girl who is also the captain of her own spaceship, travelling from world to other worlds in order to get back home. A Hat in Time starts with a slow pace but it has the charm of a classic 3D platformers.

A Hat in Time is Available through Steam, PS4 Store, Xbox Store and Mac OS.

2. Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu is unlike any Pikachu game that you have ever seen before, in this game, you will be a Detective who is full of personality that will make you feel like playing Sherlock Holmes in Pikachu version. As a result,this mystery-solving game is much more fun and entertaining than you could imagine.

Detective Pikachu is a simple game but full of surprises and fun!There will be no tough case for you to solve and also not so many ways you could choose to solve cases; what you will need to do is to try connecting the dots. However, the game is full of heart, and its silly characters and intentionally campy tone are what make it fun.

This game can be purchased through Nintendo Store.

3. Gundam Versus

Gundam Versus is a hybrid fighting game between giant Robots where you will be seated in the pilot’s seat and decide your own tactics, how to make your move, when to attacks enemies, etc. With over a hundred Gundam robots (mechs) since 1979’s Mobile Suit Gundamcombine together, this is a must have game for fans and even you’re unfamiliar with this series, there’s still time for you to start from the beginning.

Gundam Versus will offer to you some light-hearted, robot smashing fun moments. With smarter locking system, ability to continue to attack even when enemies are downed and a better good looking Mobile Suits, this game is definitely should not be missed by all means.

This exclusive PS4 game can be purchased through PS Store.

4. Slope 3D

Slope 3D is a 3D endless running game that will give you a lot of exciting challenges. In this game, your mission is to control a 3D object that running down to randomized slopes. The further that you travel on tracks, the faster your speed goes, new obstacles will be appeared in your way that will try to stop your progress.

With so many positive reviews and plays from players from all over the world, Slope 3D game is a quality 3D games. This game is absolutely a good choice for your gaming collection. No high-end PC is required, only a basic PC with any web browser installed should be good to go for this game.

5. Super Lucky’s Tale

Super Lucky’s Tale is a 3D game that was developed by Playful Corp, following its predecessor Lucky’s Tale (2016). This game was published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms.

Super Lucky’s Tale features an entirely new stages and greater focus more on collectibles. Following Lucky, our brave fox (but also curious) on a quest to protect the Book of Ages with his sister and together with that, he will need to find his inner strength for his own good.

The main villain of this game is a cat named Jinx, and another mysterious villain who is trying to acquire the Book of Ages for his own evil purposes. Your mission on each level is to find 04 clovers in total, including: Completing the stage (01), retrieving five letters that spell “LUCKY” (01), collecting 300 coins (01), acquiring “secret” clover (01).

The game can be purchased at: Microsoft Store.

6. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor – the horror game that give Xbox One and PC players “goosebumps” in many different ways–is now coming to mobile platforms also, including iOS and Android in the next two months’ time.

In Hello Neighbor, you control a child who is investigating the house of a suspicious neighbor. You’ll have to sneak through the house and figure out what the creepy dude is up to. If he finds out— which he might will be — then bad things will happen to you and after that the game will start all over again.

Hello Neighbor launches on Android July 27. The first chapter will be free to play, while the other two will only be available as in-app purchases. A limited beta for the game kicks off soon, allowing you to try it out before its official release.

Click here for Xbox and Steam Store.

Summary/ Verdict:

Above is our top 06 of Best 3D Games that are available right now and ready to play, from big game for all platforms like “A hat in time” to small but high quality game for everyone to play like “Slope 3D”. So what are you waiting for? Let’s give them a try, tell us which one gives you the most exciting time and why? If you have other games that we might have missed on this list, share with us your though also!