Hoi4 man the gun features

From the attacking convoys of the Atlantic battle to the porters’ fierce battleships on the Pacific front, World War II was shaped both tactically and publicly by naval innovations. Turmeric. Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns, a new expansion of the famous strategy game Paradox Development Studio, focuses on the naval battle.
One ofhoi4 man the guns features are designing your ship and upgrade the old models. Change your convoy route to avoid hungry wolves. Embrace or break maritime contracts and deal with diplomatic consequences.
Man the Guns is also introducing new alternative historical avenues for the great democracies of war and giving the freedom-loving nations of the world more freedom of action before the battle begins.

Main Features

New alternative US history

Use Congress to drive reforms and risk pushing the nation into yet another civil war.

The new alternative British history

Promote the early colonization of the British Empire or restore the old privileges of the monarchy.

Ship design

Research new components and refine old ships to use new knowledge. Equip your submarine with improved snorkel or stealth.

Admiral characteristics and skills

Customize your admiral and improve it with new hoi4 man gun features and capabilities of the gun.

Government in exile

Greet an exile government in your democracy and strengthen its legitimacy in exchange for more elite troops and troops fighting for your home country’s liberation.

Other national focus

The new nation focuses on the Netherlands and Mexico.

Marine mines

Defend your coast from invasions or land-based anti-ship attacks or free yourself from enemy mines before launching a major push.

Check the shipping routes.

Draw new routes for your shipping and marine by marking the areas you want to avoid.
Maritime contract
Fight for peace by following internationally agreed rules or creatively challenging world consensus by pushing your boundaries.

Amphibious vehicle

Add the power to land on your beach by researching and producing select combat vehicles for your Marines.

New music

Original music specially composed for the Man the Guns expansion.

Hearts of Iron 4: Man the Guns is expanding its development for marine games

Hearts of Iron 4 has announced hoi4 man the guns features, a new expansion pack that has a heart at sea.   See details at: https://cheatland.net/hoi4
“Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered with water, and free access to the nautical highway is essential for the empire,” said Paradox. “In times of war, these highways are controversial waters, and you or your allies must regulate this traffic. The carrier, the convoy, and the battlecruiser are the weapons. Your enemy is on the horizon. For the shooter!
“Man the Guns adds depth to the Navy’s side, including the ability to customize your warship. Add heavier armor or weapons through a modular design. You can also make improvements.” Evolve older ships to match the latest technology better. ”
New options for democratic nations aren’t just new ways for the United States and other free countries. Man Man, Gun enables players to pursue democracy with violence. Besides, the groundwater information is thin, but the expansion is expected to cost $ 19.99 when it becomes available.