How to Make Good Levels in Happy Wheels?

Happy Wheels is a Racing, Vehicle and 2D video game, which was developed by Jim Bonacci. The game owns a violence theme with bloody science and body part explosion. Taking the role of an insane vehicle driver, the player of Happy Wheels will roll the game dice and see how lucky he is to conquer the long race the game offers.

Ever since Happy Wheels Happy Wheels was released, a great number of similar games were made up to follow the success that this game has achieved. Even when Happy Wheels is quite popular among the gaming community, not everyone knows how to deal with all the toughest levels of the game. With the hope of giving you the best tips on how to make good levels in Happy Wheels, this article will bring in some of the most important parts of the game’s levels that not everyone is aware of.

An account for good.

First thing first, have you got an account for all that you are about to do in Happy Wheels? Without an account, you would only be the guest player who can do nothing but playing without even saving your progress. Creating an account in Happy Wheels is quite simple, but the function of an account wins you more than what you have ever expected in this game.  Happy wheels is an addictive multiplayer game, but you can play other games similar to Happy Wheels, like: give up, run 3, slope … You can play these games on hudgames

Manage the “Level Editor”

After you have your account created, the first option you need to keep an eye on is “Level Editor”. In this option, you will have pretty much of what you need to start using your creativeness and make such good levels. However, if you are a newbie, you need to get used to some of the simplest tools you can work with to design a level. We suggest you approach the list of level types, which can be found at

Mark your style and think of your level ideas.

What if every level editor follows each other and creates the familiar levels with “so so” quality and kinds of stuff? Happy Wheels isn’t a place for lazy editors who are willing to copy from the others. Before you start working with the tools in the level editor, think of what you are going to design and manage to follow your idea later.

If you have a friend who knows Happy Wheels, ask him/her for good advice.

Even when we don’t encourage the players to copy each other, it doesn’t mean that you can’t gather the advice from people around you who know Happy Wheels. Sometimes, you can come up with amazing ideas inspired by your friends.

Save your works

Last but not least, we’d like to remind you of saving your created levels. Your creativeness means nothing if you don’t know how to keep it in a safe place.

We hope that with our advice, you are now aware of what you have to keep in mind to make such good levels in Happy Wheels. Your work will not only be your achievement but also a great contribution to the community of Happy Wheels!