Pokémon Tower Defense

If you are looking for an amazing and challenging tower defense game in Pokémon world, then Pokémon Tower Defense is definitely the right choice for you! With over 150 of the original Pokémon, let’s try your best to capture and train all Pokémon, together with solving the mysteries behind the Rattata attacks!

What is pokemon tower defense?

Pokemon Power Defense is a tower defense game which is created by Sam & Dan Games. This is a series game has elements of strategies and adventure with 3 parts including pokemon tower defense 1, 2 and 3.

In this game, you will have to capture and train all 150 of the original Pokemon and try to solve all the mysteries behind the attacks of Rattata. Besides that, you also have to choose the best location and their best moves for your Pokemon to against the attacks of the Pokemon’s opponents – who are attempting to steal all the rare candies.

Pokémon Center – important thing you need to know.

Pokemon center is a place for extra things such as trading, breeding, and where you can pick up your mystery gift. There is also the list of things that you can do to earn coins, buy shiny and shadow pokemon.

Review about pokemon tower defense game

This series game has a nice and smooth graphics. And like a normal pokemon game, in this series game, you will get 6 pokemon in your team. According to the opinion of many players, this is a great but tough series game.

It is easy to explain why pokemon tower defense is a great but tough series game because this is also a strategy series game which requires the player to think carefully before moving. You will have to consider and give strategies in your game to become the winner.

Besides that, the dialogues in the game are quite interesting and make the player feel more authentic.

Although the beginning of pokemon tower defense still had some bugs, it has been constantly developing new updates as pokemon tower defense 1, 2, and 3 to improve the bugs in the previous parts.

And finally, we can’t deny that Pokemon Tower Defense is a successful online series game because it is loved by so many players around the world.

Summary/ Verdict:

Pokémon Tower Defense is quite simply a master class in how originality can flourish in the tower defense genre. There is a huge list of Pokémon that waiting for you to capture!