Slope Unblocked Games

slope game unblocked is a 3D web-based game that will take you to an endless journey in the amazing 3D world where you will have to control the auto-running ball in a large space 3D map in order to pass through all the dangerous tracks along the way.

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How to play?

slope game unblocked is a simple endless running game that will give you a lot of exciting challenges. In this game, you will control a 3D object that running down to randomized slopes. The further that you travel, the faster speed goes, new obstacles will be appeared in your way that will try to stop your progress.

To control the 3D ball, you must use the left arrows and cursor keys to the right to move the ball and avoid hitting the red boxes and other obstacles. There will be no time for you to memorize the route because each time you replay the game, the route will be randomized again, making this game even more difficult from time to time.

You can play as a guest or create your account in which you want to save your best results and appear in the players with the highest score in the game.

Game Controls:

Steering your 3D ball with arrow keys, avoid obstacles, and controlling your speed. Try your best to avoid those red walls at all cost and stay away from dark holes.

  • LEFT ARROW = Move to the Left.
  • RIGHT ARROW = Move to the Right.


slope game unblocked was developed using Unity 3D and is available through many kind of web browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, etc. It is also playable on mobile via Android app.

What’s special about Slope 3D Unblocked version?

slope game unblocked has its unique catchy 3D graphics and suitable for all ages, especially children. However, sometimes players might have been into a situation where they can’t play Slope in some particular places such as school, restaurant, airport, subway station, etc. even in their own free time; just because the IT network management (or provider) team have blocked the game for some reasons.

For those kind of situations, we are totally understanding your feeling and that’s why we would like to provide to you this link for the Slope Unblocked games version:

This is a trusted site that you could play all Unblocked Games including SlopeUnblocked games, no matter where you are… All you need to do is to pay a visit to these websites and click on Play, that’s it!

Don’t forget to bookmark these websites on your browsers for your next time visit!

Verdict/ Summary:

According to the survey option from Y8 website, this slope game unblocked has received 85.89 percent of Positive (based on Likes) from players, more than 22 thousand of Share and 45+ million plays so far (still increasing everyday), which is pretty impressive for a web-based 3D game that was published since September 2014.

If you take a lookunder the Comment section, you will also see that there are a lot of players that participated in this game, they been given many positive feedbacks together with their own high scoretoo.

With so many positive reviews and participates of players from all over the world, slope game unblocked guaranteed with its quality. This game is definitely a good choice for your gaming collection in your free time. No high-end PC is required, only a basic PC with any web browser installed should be good to go for this game.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s give Slope Unblocked games a try and let us know your thought under the comment section below!